Could This Be YOUR Breakthrough in Becoming a Six-Figure Trader?!


The "Crash Course" On Becoming a Six-Figure trader

A group of 16 hedge fund “renegades” chose to leave their cushy jobs on Wall Street with a single-minded mission to TEACH you how to beat Wall Street at their game AND help you create a ROADMAP to becoming a Six-Figure Trader

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"How Would You Like To Watch Our

4-Day Virtual Trading Summit

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The Ultimate Trading Summit for traders who want to Join The
"six-figures Club"

Would you like 800-pound elephants in the hedge fund world to MENTOR you for four days in becoming a Six-Figure Trader?!

By joining Options Trading Mastery... will have a chance to hear directly from these hedge fund renegades and receive a “Crash Course” on using the newest technologies and methods that are working RIGHT NOW on Wall Street.

Here’s just ONE example of an “800-pound elephant” that you will learn from…

His name is Peter Schill, and he is a huge celebrity in the investing world as a best-selling author and the founder of Euro Pacific managing in excess of $1 billion in assets.

And when he speaks… people LISTEN.

Here’s why…

He wrote more than six books, and two of them were for the famous series of “The Little Book” that also had other famous investors writing for the series – Joel Greenblatt, Louis Navellier, Ken Fisher, and many others.

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Peter is one of the few forecasters who accurately and publicly predicted the 2007 housing market collapse… AND… subsequent 2008 financial crisis.

And he is going to make a major announcement during the event.

(We’ve seen his notes… and… believe us, his announcement will have HUGE implications for your portfolio!)

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Wait a Minute...
What Exactly Is Options Trading Mastery?!

Well, imagine this...

...getting mentored DIRECTLY from hedge fund "whales" who have consulted clients with over $100mm in assets on how to find profitable options trades more consistently

...looking over the shoulders of these hedge fund traders -- and see EXACTLY what do they do on their computer screens during a trading day.

...knowing the blueprint on how these hedge fund traders would start with a TINY account and try to earn six-figures annually. 

All in all...

It's Like Getting a PRIVATE Training Inside An Elite Hedge Fund Firm On Making Full-Time Income From Options!

And guess what?

We filmed these presentations, and we got a FLOOD of messages from people who couldn't make it to Options Trading Mastery, saying...

"Please, please, please give us recorded access to the Summit!" 

And we don't blame them... 

Most Of You Have NEVER Learned These Incredible Trading Secrets Before!

So, we've decided to release the recorded version of Options Trading Mastery... 

...and you only pay 10% of the summit's ticket prices!

Just Look At the incredible lineup of ALL other hedge fund pros who will reveal their best-kept trading secrets

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Eric Armenteros

After starting at Citigroup’s sales and trading division as an intern, Eric Armensteros has built a reputation as an investment banking star at Empire Investments and Truist Bank. He advised restructuring and turnaround deals at Conway MacKenize (which was later acquired by Riverson). He was a financial advisor to Synovus Bank, Authority of Puerto Rico, and the University of Puerto Rico. In his spare time, Mr. Armenteros enjoys teaching others how to succeed in trading equity options.

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Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews is an international Forex trading specialist. Because of his expertise in next-generation trading technologies, high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth clients routinely seek his advice. His expertise includes algorithms, high-frequency trading, and machine learning – making him widely seen as one of the top investment minds in machine trading.

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John Henry

John Henry is a former member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) with more than 40 years of experience in trading and research. Inspired by J.M. Hurst and with the help of a leading aerospace engineer, he developed a proprietary algorithm that has been featured in Futures Magazine, Modern Trader Magazine, and numerous brokerage firms’ research reports. His analysis has been credited with projecting most major turns in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2003.

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Mark Moss

Mark Moss has over half a million subscribers on YouTube and is the "billionaire whisperer." His passion is providing investors like you, with the information to make informed decisions, to give you an edge in the markets

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Dane Glisek

Dane Glisek is an investment banker turned trader. Dane started his Wall Street career serving as an analyst for the Wells Fargo Private Bank clients. Dane joined a private family office where he worked alongside top financial analysts and built a strong foundation in fundamental analysis. His trading style draws on his 7+ years of experience in fundamental investing and combines with Technical Analysis to yield consistent alpha on his positions.

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Declan Bhavya

Declan is one of top equity analysts in the industry who is known for his innovative analysis into each company’s fundamentals – such as business models, revenue streams, market research and SWOT. He was an equity research analyst at Scalx in Frankfurt, Germany before becoming a full-time trader. He compliments his fundamental analysis with advanced technical analysis to forecast trends and determine entry/exit points for trading.

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Peter Schiff

Peter is a best selling author and founder of Euro Pacific managing in excess of $1 billion dollars. He is one of the few forecasters who accurately and publicly predicted the 2007 housing market collapse and subsequent 2008 financial crisis.

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Charlie Elmore

As a veteran Wall Street trader, Charlie Elmore has built a reputation for his consistency in FX trading, leading to several interviews with prominent Forex sites about the secrets of his trading strategy. Charlie is known as the forefront expert in using artificial intelligence to identify trend reversals, institutional order flows, and technical patterns in Forex trading.

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Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is a highly-reviewed trader with an uncanny track record of picking top options trades for his private group of members. Brian navigated seamlessly through the bear market by leveraging advanced technical analysis and charting to recognize patterns in options trading. His name was frequently mentioned in TrustPilot reviews where members raved about his highly-accurate picks.

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Jack Harris

Jack Harris is a trader who gained fame for starting with just $2,403 in his Robinhood, and successfully turning his account into $83,640 in just three months. Jack’s story was featured on prominent financial newsletters including Schaffers and Gumshoe. His strategy is a mix of day-trading and swing-trading. His favorite strategy is leveraging nontransparent data from dark pools and following Smart Money into their trades.

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Ross Santos

Ross Santos’s trading track record is one of the best on Wall Street. His trade alerts had delivered a 92% win-rate since Sept. 28th, 2022. Ross’s expertise lies in studying the supply and demand from institutions through options order flow and using technical analysis to select high-probability trade setups.

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David Hochman

David Hochman is a senior analyst with a deep connection in Wall Street where he had consulted Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of NY Mellon. His expertise in quantitative analysis which he delivered over 100 options trade ideas that tripled or more. He is widely seen as one of the well-respected investors in the nation through his live appearance on TDAmeritrade and his writing content for over 1 million subscribers.

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Ven Prakhya

Van Prakhya is a distinguished analyst who specializes in trading options based on key macroeconomic trends, such as GDP growth, consumer spending, CPI, and PCE. His forecasts for expansionary/contractionary policy and supply-demand shifts are among the best on Wall Street. He is recognized globally as one of the top macroeconomic investors through his trade analysis.

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Ryan Talbot

Ryan Talbot has been trading equity, futures, options and treasury professionally for more than 12 years. Potential clients with investment capital of $100mm+ had sought his trading advice and expertise in identifying hedge and arbitrage opportunities. He also holds an MBA in Finance from one of the top universities in the United States.

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Jason Gil

Jason Gil is an international economist with over 15 years of professional experience in investing. He is known for his extensive knowledge of equity and options markets and has mastered options strategies which include spreads, strangles, straddles, and iron condors. He has previously served as Vice President for Asset Management divisions at Standard Bank, HWF Capital Fund, HFC/IFC Investments. Jason also managed portfolios for high-net-worth investors and institutions at Bolton Global Asset Management and Centaurus Global Ventures.

here is just a preview of what you'll learn at Options Trading Mastery...

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  • What Wall Street professionals are doing right now to protect their own portfolios without sacrificing performance…
  • ​How professional money managers identify next year’s most profitable emerging market investments…
  • ​The secret techniques legendary stock pickers use to “lock in” profits no matter what the market does…
  • ​How to measure your portfolio against the same benchmarks the professionals use…
  • ​The easiest way to start using artificial intelligence to create a huge trading advantage over 92% of other traders
  • ​The secret of leveraging nontransparent data called “dark flow” to start anticipating price action before they develop fully
  • ​And many, many more!

Here's The FULL Agenda For Options Income Mastery...

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The "Crash Course" On Trading Like Hedge Fund Pros

Ever wished you could get into a hedge fund firm and see EXACTLY how they use chart patterns, remain focused, and the latest quantitative strategies?! We cover them on the first day. 

  • ​Trade like a "ninja": Learn how to maintain "ninja-like" focus -- and eliminate ego, fear, and other HARMFUL emotions while trading
  • ​​Read patterns like the pros: Learn TOP chart patterns that hedge funds are using... and... how to start using them as soon as the NEXT trading day
  • How to think like quants: Quants are taking over Wall Street! We'll teach the quickest way to start using quantitative trading... without advanced math or coding
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Study Price Action Like A Market Wizard

During the second day, our hedge fund "renegades" will reveal their best-kept secrets on managing risk and the art of buying/selling a position

  • ​Risk, risk, risk: Unsure how much you should risk on each trade? Our hedge fund "renegade" will train you on managing your risk, so you stay in the game
  • ​Sick of fake breakouts?You'll learn the classic signs to avoid fake breakouts... and... start spotting REAL ones
  • ​​Cut the losers, let the winners run: We will teach the SECRET of knowing when to cut the losers and let the winners run
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Uncover The Secret Tools of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are using latest technologies to spot price action while it's early. We will spill virtually every critical tool that almost every retail trader must use right now. 

  • ​Exotic options?! Our options expert will reveal the BEST "exotic" options to use right now, so you've got tools to win in ANY market condition
  • The secret of dark pool printsDid you know that nearly half of the volume is made in private exchanges called dark pools? We'll teach you how to use this as a HUGE trading edge
  • The favorite tool of hedge funds: We will reveal the #1 tool that nearly every hedge fund is using... but yet... most retail traders have no idea about it! 
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Hear Directly From Big-Time Traders

A special guest, who founded a hedge fund with $1+ billion in AUM, will make his appearance to reveal ALL of his secrets on finding profitable trades.

Plus, hear from Jack Harris on how he turned his $2k portfolio into $83,640 last year! 

  • ​Everything about moving averages: Don't ever sleep on Moving Averages! Learn how to use SMA to predict future price movements... in a FEW steps
  • Hear from a ​$1 billion managerOur special guest will make his appearance to reveal how he'd find profitable trades for his $1 billion hedge fund (it was insane!)
  • ​How to day-trade: Jack Harris day-traded to turn his $2k portfolio into $83,640 last year... and... he'll reveal HOW you can day-trade like him.
The Organic Growth Power Summit png

Join Options Income Mastery & learn DIRECTLY from hedge fund pros...

...And Pay ONLY 10% Of The Summit's Ticket Prices!