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Could This Be 7x Better Than Stocks?

A Proven Options Trading Strategy To Consistently Boost Traders' Portfolios By Up To 20% Or More Annually – And May Allow Them To Own Their Favorite Stocks For FREE!

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Does This System Work?

Look at what our members said about TradeAlgo’s trading system…

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"I did probably 400 percent profit worth about $3,800 that day and it took an hour!" - Kevin Payek

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"It was up 200 percent and that pretty much closed out my day by 9:30..."
- Will Sokolowski

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"I've actually probably done at least two or three between 100 and 200 percent gains..." - Chet Ebe

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"I've taken my account and tripled it in three weeks now..." - Roland Simons

“It Could Completely Transform The Way You Collect Income”

Imagine the idea of being trained by a former equity analyst from JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs...

Even as little as a few years ago, it would have been virtually unheard of!

But thanks to the boom of retail investing over the last year, everything is changing.

Here's the bottom line...

For the past three years or so, I have been working hard on an income stream for ordinary folks called the Options Mastery System.

I can almost guarantee it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in the world of options trading. In fact, I believe it could completely transform the way you collect income, starting this month.

Listen, I have spent three decades learning the little-known methods of Wall Street insiders to get more income into their fat pockets.

As a result, I’ve collected a treasure trove of gems for income investments.

But there’s nothing like Options Mastery System (OMS).

Not even close.

It’s the same options strategy that Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley used to turn $110,000 in a spare account into $120 million.

And it is perhaps the most reliable system I’ve ever discovered for a “little guy” to generate 20% or more annually while taking less risk than buying shares outright.

I’ve written down a new course called Options Mastery System, and it will reveal the complete 4-step process of the “OMS” method that a retail trader can repeat to generate income like clockwork – year in and year out

For a limited time…

It is available for just $49 – claim this offer before my publisher TradeAlgo raises the price to $995.

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As You Can See...

Options Mastery System's Publisher TradeAlgo Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is... Are YOU Next?!

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Here are some things that you’ll learn from the book

  • Discover the little-known options strategy that Jamie Mai and Charlie Ledley used to turn $110,000 in a spare account into $120 million
  • Warren Buffett’s secret of using a special options strategy to generate income for Berkshire Hathaway (this may be the most hidden secret of Buffett’s investment strategy)
  • ​Love FREE stocks? Learn how to sell “calls” and “puts” that could end up helping you own your favorite stock for free
  • What you must do immediately to consistently boost your portfolio by up to 25% or more
  • Why options can make you just as much money as dividends (or MORE) with lower risk if you use this “OMS” strategy
  • ​Have you ever heard of Edward O. Thorp? He was a famous blackjack player who turned to options to average 20% per year over a 30-year period.

    You will learn how to COPY his simple income-generating secret – without requiring full-time attention.
  • Why you absolutely must AVOID initial public offerings, despite the “grand hype” by shameless stock promoters who want to sell their shares to you
  • How to leverage an “income accelerator formula” by using three key components in a single options trade
  • How much should you allocate your portfolio to an “OMS” trade? Our answer will surprise you
  • Why you should NOT aim for 100%+ annual returns (it comes with a fatal risk)... and… how you can start hitting singles and doubles to rack up wins – rather than going for a home run
  • You’ll learn nearly every scenario in an “OMS” trade and the simple playbook to execute in each of them
  • ​Our top two brokers to use as an options trading platform
  • A complete 4-step “OMS” system that you can repeat to generate income like clockwork – year in and year out
  • ​And many, many more!

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Bonus #1: "$2k to $83k" E-Book

"Jack Harris turned his $2k Robinhood account into $83,640 in JUST 3 months... and he'll show you HOW he did it!"

Total Value: $197.00

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Want to learn from an options trader who successfully turned his $2k Robinhood account into $83,640 in just three months?!

Jack Harris used to be a struggling trader. Tried almost everything. Nothing worked until he stumbled upon the secret data called “dark pool.”

He used this data to turn $2k into $83,640 in JUST 3 months.

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And guess what?

He wants to “MENTOR” you step-by-step on how he did it!

He wrote everything down in his report called, “The Jack Harris Method: How I Turned $2k Into $83k In Three Months”.

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Bonus #2: Computer Trading For Retail Investors

"How To 10x Your Options Game With
Computer Trading As A Retail Investor"

Total Value: $197.00

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Computers are taking over Wall Street and gaining such an unfair advantage over you.

Why is that?

Computers can think smarter and faster than humans!

Computers are designed to take money from retail investors as fast as possible.

Citadel (the hedge fund founded by Ken Griffin) are hiring computer scientists as fast as they could. As a result, Ken Griffin made $4 billion last year -- despite the market downturn! 

In this report, we will reveal how YOU can start using artificial intelligence in your trading... as soon as the NEXT trading day. (No coding skills needed!)

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Bonus #3: The Hidden Power of Dark Pools

"How to Raise Your Odds of Catching Big Price Movements With Dark Pool Data"

Total Value: $197.00

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In the report, you will learn the step-by-step guide to start using data of unusual dark pool activity (like Wall Street pros) and boost your odds of catching big price movements before they happen.

Wait, what is an unusual dark pool activity?!

Dark pools are the secret exchanges that Wall Street institutions trade in. Nearly half of the volume is made in dark pools…

…so we can catch the FOOTPRINTS of Big Institutional Money and follow them into their trades possibly before the prices move.

We pioneered a formula for using dark pool data to boost our analysts’ win-rate in options trading.

Our star analyst Ross Santos used our dark pool formula to win 92% of his alerts since Sept. 28th, at this time of writing.

(ALL of his alerts were recorded on our members-only Telegram channel or during livestreams, so it was there for everybody to see!)

You will learn the easiest way for you to start using our dark pool formula inside the report.

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  • ​Computer Trading For Retail Investors
  • ​The Hidden Power of Dark Pools

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P.S. If you just need a summary of everything you will get with Options Mastery System:

You will receive an access to our online course called Options Mastery System for just $49. And you will also receive four FREE bonuses: Jack Harris's $2k to $83k Report... 20 Options Trading Rules... and Computer Trading For Retail Investors.

There's no catch or gimmicks... we will e-mail you the login information (along with free reports) as soon as you invest in Options Mastery System

So, click the button below to get your copy now. You'll look back to this day as the turning point in your trading journey. 

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